Hiking Telluride Colorado

Hiking Telluride Colorado is not easy; it is hiker challenging. Nestled in a box canyon in the San Juan Mountains, the town of Telluride, at 8,750 feet, is surrounded by 13,000 to 14,000 foot peaks.

Hiking Telluride is for the super-fit.

Walk around town and you can’t miss them: young, athletic, devoted to the outdoor life, Telluride’s populace jogs the trails we normal hikers labor to ascend. For them, 3,000 to 4,000 feet elevation gain in an afternoon is a daily training session for bigger challenges lurking on the horizon.

So why go there? What could possibly be the attraction for those of us who come from lower elevations and are looking for a nice walk in the serenity of the magnificent mountains of Colorado? You just asked a really good question!

So, we went to Telluride. A litany of trails 11 miles long with 3,000 feet gain and up seemed to be the norm. Acclimated we may be, but at age 70, we have met our challenges in life and were looking for beauty and serenity to fulfill our wanderlust, not ten hour hiking days. We poured through the maps, conversed with locals, hiked about 400 miles of trails to produce a collection of routes fit for Jack & Jill.

Yes, easy and moderate routes do exist in Telluride, and they are thrilling.

Only 3 of the trails included in our guide book gain more than 3,000 feet in elevation. They are extremely beautiful, are relatively easy to follow, and are popular, but not considered crowded so we included them in this guide.

We think you will be surprised to find how many trails Jack & Jill will enjoy and come back another day to hike up the hill. Some of the surprises are even accessible without the use of a vehicle!

We have authored 4 hiking guides.

Three cover southwestern Colorado trails.
The fourth is about the trails in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah.
These are our very favorite areas for hiking.
We go back most summers to spend time in these special places.

This page shows off our book on Telluride,  Colorado.

Hiking Telluride Colorado-Our Guidebook

Our Innovative Hikes Chart is a feature in all of our hiking guides

Hiking Telluride-Hikes Chart

Our guidebooks are different! We are hikers. We have a lot of guide books on our shelves. 

We decided to write our own after years of frustration:

Where exactly is the trailhead?

How exactly do we get there?

What kind of vehicle do I need?

Why should I go on this hike anyway?

The first page in our book answers a lot of questions.

It’s a one stop shop for the best hiking options for you.

It’s all in our Hikes Chart.

From this one page you will know:

  • The difficulty level
  • The Scenic Value (Why you should go)
  • The total distance
  • The total elevation gain
  • What kind of vehicle to get to the trailhead
  • What you will see (wildflowers, Aspens, horses, bicycles)

Telluride is a National Historic Treasure.

Hiking around the town is just about as much fun as hiking the trails.

There are historic saloons, historic homes, bank buildings, markets and so much more.

We made a map with a suggested route to see the major sites of town.

Hiking Telluride-Telluride-Town_Map
Hiking Telluride
Hiking Telluride_Groundhog Stock Driveway Trail

Start with an easy hike from our book.

There are 11 easy trails to choose from.

Get acclimated.

How about our favorite: Groundhog Stock Driveway.

This is mostly a flat trail with easy elevation changes.

Look at this surrounding scenery!

How about a moderate trail (color cyan) right from town.

No need for a car!

Bear Creek Falls is very popular!

Hiking Telluride_Bear Creek Falls-1

Here is how we take a long or difficult hike and give you shorter, scenic options

Lewis Lake trail is a 10 mile round trip hike that is rated Strenuous(20e-color Red)

Hiking Telluride_Lewis Lake Trail

Hiking Telluride_Lewis Lake Trail-Hiking Telluride_Blue Lake Trail

How about hiking scenic option 20a which is moderate (colored cyan) It is a 2.54 mile round trip hike. This is what you will see on the route to Lewis Lake. Turn around at our suggested return and you have a splendid short hike!

We have detailed four options for the Lewis Lake Trail, with the information you need to decide how far to go.

Hiking Telluride_Lewis Lake-1
Hiking Telluride_Lewis Lake-2
Hiking Telluride_Lewis Lake-3

A Photo Gallery of Telluride Hiking Trails taken from our book

If we haven’t convinced you yet to go hiking in Telluride,

how about going to one of their famous summer festivals.

There is one just about every week.

Telluride-Front-Cover_webThis is our printed book


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So-now that you have decided to go to Telluride,

don’t forget to take our hiking guide with you. 

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