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All of our books use visual communication

We have wedded together the power of graphic design with a user friendly format of boxes and colors.

symbols, graphs, color maps, color images, colored tabs, colored trails and words

 communicate data, facts and thoughts visually.

The result: important data is easy to find; time spent reading is minimal.

Our popular Hikes Chart lists all the hikes and important data right with the Table of Contents.

We can remember, all too often, having to read through every hike in a book and then copy the distance, difficulty and other decisive information into the Table of Contents so we could compare all the hiking trails and pick the one we wanted.

We include the type of hike, the Star Scenic Rating, the difficulty level, the total distance, the total elevation gained, if there are flowers, or aspens, and what kind of vehicle you need to get to the trail head. This is how you pick a hike!

Look Inside-Hikes Chart

Trail Locator Map

This is an overview map that plots the roads and trailheads.

 Roads are designated paved, gravel and 4WD so you can see at a glance what kind of vehicle you need to get there.

Trailheads are numbered and colored.

The colors reflect the level of difficulty.

Look inside-Trailhead Locator Map

Options a, b, c, or d for hike 27

We detail shorter, less difficult options for longer trails.

We tell you how far to go to see the best scenery.

You don’t have to skip a spectacular trail because it seems too long or difficult.

Our colors tell you at a glance: Green is Easy; Cyan is Moderate; Blue is Moderately Strenuous; Orange is Strenuous; Red is Very Strenuous.

This wonderful hiking trail has four options. Something for every ability!

Look Inside-Hike Options_

Easy to find directions to the trailheads

Boxes separate important data making it easy to find.

We also give you the time and distance to the trailhead as well as the type of vehicle best suited for the road conditions.

Notice we also have a summary box that tells you the important features of the hike that you will see along the trail.

Look inside Trailhead Directions Box_

Trail maps, Elevation Profiles & GPS Charts

There is so much visual data on our maps, you don’t have to read a long description.

Notice the different colors and circles on the trail itself. These colors offer important information at a glance. They tell you how much average elevation gain the trail climbs or drops per mile.

The Trail Key explains the colors. The circles represent important junctions or features. See them in the description as well.

Finally, and very useful, is the GPS Chart. The distance you have traveled or have yet to go and the elevation you are at, along with what you see when you get there is given in easy to use chart form.

Look inside -Trail Maps

 AND....Color! Color! Color!

All our books are filled with color photographs.

You see color when you hike.

We give you color so you can see before you go what to expect.

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