Utah National Parks Arches & Canyonlands Day Hikes PDF Download

Utah National Parks Arches & Canyonlands Day Hikes PDF Download
Arches & Canyonlands-Needles

Arches & Canyonlands-Needles

Utah National Parks Arches & Canyonlands PDF Download

There are many books on hiking Arches & Canyonlands National Parks.

So, why did we decide to go against the big guys and write our own?

We are hikers! We saw a need for a different kind of hiking guide.

Maps and color pictures excite and provide critical information to hikers seeking just the right trail to follow. This book offers page after page of both. It answers the question…why should I choose this hike over another?  We graphically show difficulty levels, scenic value, and even offer options to choose your own prefered distance.

You won’t find this book in National Park visitor centers.

  • We submitted our book for review with the Park Service. They rejected it.
  • The primary reason was: our mileages and elevations differed from theirs.
  • We pondered this issue for quite a while.

    We could copy their figures and resubmit the book or, we could stay with our own figures.

  • We collected our data for every hike with a GPS. After hiking some trails and plotting the GPS data on a map, we realized that the route on the ground and on the existing maps did not coincide. Nor did some of the distances and elevations. 

    So we re-hiked those trails some of them 3 times!

  • No GPS is 100% accurate. But, we decided to stay with the data we collected rather than simply copy the data already published.
  • We stand by our figures.

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