Cycle New Zealand 9 Scenic Touring Routes Maps & Profiles

Cycle New Zealand 9 Scenic Touring Routes Maps & Profiles

Arthur's Pass South Island New Zealand

This selection is the PDF book with maps and profiles only.

It does not include the GPS tracks.

Cycle New Zealand is a selection of our favorite cycling routes on the North and South Islands of New Zealand. It is not intended to be a guide to all the possible routes in New Zealand. For a complete route guide of all of New Zealand, we can definitely recommend Pedallers’ Paradise. It has every road in New Zealand.

So why did we write this book?

Pedallers’ Paradise is like an encyclopedia.  There are so many routes,  we had no idea where to start cycling. Which routes were the most  scenic? How about road conditions, or traffic? Why should we choose one route over another? This information was lacking.

As visitors to New Zealand, we wanted to cycle the most scenic routes with the least traffic within the time frame we had allowed. We wanted to weed out the lesser routes and simplify the selection process for ourselves and other cyclists This book represents our personal selection of the most scenic routes of the many we actually cycled. They are also contiguous so the long distance cyclist can follow directly from one route to the next. Cyclists with less time can choose one or two routes that best meet their needs. We tell you why, with photos and stories these routes are scenically thrilling.

In addition to data, we felt it is important to share what cycling in New Zealand feels like. The weather, the lodging, the road conditions, the people, the drivers, internet access are all important ingredients that can add or detract from a cycling experience.

The book details 4 routes on the North Island and 5 routes on South Island. Each route is further divided into stages. There are maps for every route and stage. They represent various degrees of difficulty and length. There is something for everyone. The routes wind through incredibly scenic areas of this beautiful country on low traffic paved roads with several exciting gravel stages that can be ridden or bypassed. The routes are designed for touring cyclists who want to see the best of New Zealand.

PDF format is like an e-book and can be carried with you as you ride. Load it into your phone. or computer. or android.

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