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We are Anne & Mike Poe. We started writing about our adventurous bicycling trips in 1984 and have been writing ever since. Take A Hike Guidebooks came into existence in 2009 when our first self published hiking guide, Crested Butte Colorado 60 Scenic Day hikes, was completed.


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We Write Guidebooks for Hikers and Cyclists

As hikers and cyclists, we have purchased hundreds of trail and route guidebooks. Far too many of these guides lacked a principle ingredient: customer ease of use. The information we wanted like trail distance, difficulty, and elevation gain were hidden in pages of endless descriptions. They left us wondering if the author had ever been on the route.

An explanation of why we should even consider going on the hike or ride was totally missing.

How many times have you read a trail or route description that tells you where to start and end, but offers no clues as to what might excite you along the way?

So, we wrote our own guide books that focus on providing easy to find critical information, route maps, elevation profiles and color photos that demonstrate the scenic value of every hike or ride.

You can Look Inside our books and see for yourself. We publish quality, consumer friendly hiking and bicycling guides with custom color maps, elevation profiles, and trip details that are easy to find.

Read the reviews buyers of our books have written.

We do not pay for reviews; they are spontaneous.

Our Books

We currently have 4 hiking guides and 3 bicycling books. Our hiking guides cover the best hiking trails in southwestern Colorado and in Arches & Canyonlands National Parks in Utah.

On Our Own is a bicycle adventure through southeast Asia.

Cycle Scenic Slovenia,  just presented in the beginning of 2016, is a bicycle route guide of Slovenia with downloadable GPS tracks.

Cycle Tour Croatia Islands completed March 2016 is a bicycle guide for 9 Croatia Islands, 2 famous peninsulas and 2 very scenic stretches on the mainland. Also offering downloadable GPS tracks.

We expect to be offering a cycling guides to Greece and New Zealand in the near future.

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